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It's Supernatural!


with Sid Roth

Thurman Scrivner

Monday, March 2, 2015
Thurman Scrivner has been given keys from Heaven to access healing! When you understand this revelation he guarantees you will be healed. The proof? He gets more people healed than anyone Sid has ever known.

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Thurman Scrivner's Fabulous Five & Healing 24/7 (5 Booklets & 2-CD Set)

Thurman Scrivner Keeps It Simple. And Believes.Thurman Scrivner's Fabulous Five. Thurman Scrivner was raised in a traditional church that taught the days of miracles were over. However, when he began taking the Biblical promises literally, God’s miraculous power started manifesting in his life.

God's Power Booklet. This book gives you the keys to see miracles in your life as well.
Receive Your Miracle! Your faith will be strengthened as you read these powerful testimonies of others who received amazing miracles in their lives. Thurman also reveals the keys to receiving your miracle!

Become a Faith Walker. We are living in a time in which believers must walk by faith in order to receive God’s supernatural protection and provision for their lives. Thurman’s book teaches powerful principles to employ so that you can become a “faith walker.”
How to Get a Lost Person Saved. Have you been praying for someone in your life to be saved? There are spiritual weapons that you need to use to win the battle for their soul.
God Promised to Heal You! Healing is actually part of Jesus’ redemption. As you read this book, you will understand the origin of sickness, the provision of God’s healing for your body and how you can receive that healing in your life.

Healing 24/7. (2-CD Set) Through this powerful audio CD series, you will learn that it is God’s will to heal you and receive the keys to obtain your healing. You will learn how unbelief can be a hindrance to receiving your healing and how to overcome it. You will also hear powerful testimonies that will ignite your faith so that you can receive the healing you need.

Thurman Scrivner describes himself as just an average Christian that the Lord "promoted." Today Thurman teaches God's Word and the promises given to us "... that with all boldness they may speak Thy Word, by stretching forth thine hand to heal…"