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with Sid Roth

David Herzog, in When Heaven Speaks

Monday, August 31, 2015
David Herzog’s revelation of the "Courts of Heaven" shows divine justice is available for every believer. David shows how you can access heaven 24/7, and he sees results everywhere he goes — Hong Kong, Nepal, Israel AND here in the USA!

Featured Offer From It's Supernatural!

Do What Jesus Did (Book & 4 CD Set)

Do the Things That Excite Jesus.

Robby Dawkins hadn't moved past the youthful wristband's what-would-Jesus-do question — until he discovered the things Jesus did are not just history. They're for real for today.

A Chicagoland pastor, Robby was afraid to pray for people, but when he started living the way Jesus did, his life changed, as he says, to something straight out of a movie. So can yours.

You can sit back and envy Robby's stories, or you can use this book and 4-CD set to learn simple, practical ways to take hold of your God-given "power-tools" — healing, ministering the presence of God, prophetic ministry and even deliverance from demonic power. And through amazing but true stories from the front lines of ministry, you'll see what happens when ordinary Christians call on God's power to bring His kingdom to earth.

Robby's message is simple — take some chances. Take some risks in the Name of Jesus.

Robby Dawkin's Field Guide to Doing What Jesus Did

Robbie Dawkins was born to missionary parents and wanted to be a missionary himself from age two. Robby and his wife, Angie, planted a church among the urban poor of Aurora, Illinois. More than half his congregation received salvation through powerful encounters and miracles. He travels around the world training people to do what Jesus did.