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with Sid Roth

Steve Swanson

Monday, November 30, 2015
When Steve Swanson leads worship things happen. The atmosphere changes and amazing signs happen as he solos on his keyboard. Steve plays along with sounds he hears from Heaven. At times…the keyboard plays itself! Ready for your breakthrough?

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The Divine Encounters Package (3 Music CD's & Book)

The Divine Encounters Package (3 Music CDs & Book) 

Steve Swanson Actually Hears Heaven, Then Plays Along with It!

Treasures - New Creations - Breakthrough. (3 Music CDs) Steve Swanson's music ushers you into Heaven's atmosphere and celebration. Steve actually hears jubilant sounds from Heaven inside his head and joins in with what is playing in Heaven. On (angelic) occasions...his keyboard has played itself!

Steve's 3-CD collection features 27 songs that will keep you immersed for hours. It only takes minutes to find yourself in another world alive with the atmosphere of Heaven. And sharing in Heaven's joy has supernatural benefits.

Heaven's Symphony. (Book) Steve Swanson says when you immerse yourself in worship, it changes things. Steve has learned it is easy to be carried to the secret place of the Most High where God's Presence is sovereign. It is your place for Heaven encounters, bringing all the benefits of spending time with your Mighty God. Much like praying in tongues, just start flowing with Heaven!

Steve Swanson is known for a powerful anointing that carries an atmosphere of breakthrough in worship with releases of freedom, joy and intimacy with the Lord. Steve and his wife Lisa reside in Casa Grande, Arizona.